Moved to LA

a spread from Journal 4 that I painted while wishing I could move to LA (2015)

a spread from Journal 4 that I painted while wishing I could move to LA (2015)

Wow I haven't updated in a long time. (I wonder how many blog posts across the web start with that sentence.) HUGE UPDATE: WE HAVE MOVED TO LA. THAT'S RIGHT IT HAPPENED. This was a goal we were working toward for about 3 years. There were a lot of moments when I felt like it would never happen and it would just be a pipe dream I'd look back on one day and think "what if", but here we are. 

We sold/purged/stored over half of our stuff, and moved everything down in one small Uhaul. While driving down 101 in my little Honda fit behind Keith in the truck, all of the times I moved with my parents flashed through my memory. I felt like I could actually relate to them and what it felt like to move your entire life to place you've never lived or really known. I don't think I'll be forgetting that moment.

Kids in love when the sun goes down

Keith and I celebrated 3 years of marriage with a short camping trip in Big Sur. We did a lot of hiking, and Keith dealt with my constant question of "is THAT poison oak??" (To be clear, I know Poison Oak when I see it, but the fear of it is so strong that I tend to think most things are Poison Oak.) We popped champagne by the campfire and ate so many s'mores. I theorize that some people go camping JUST for the opportunity to eat s'mores. They are worth roughing it. I screamed at a spider web and cried at a baby bunny, Keith built our fire and played the ukulele. We painted and drew, and blew bubbles off of cliff tops. I am forever struggling to get more pictures of Keith, not because he is reluctant, but because he just loves to be behind the camera so much. I'll get him though. Maybe I'll do an entire post just full of pictures of Keith. 

I love this man so much, he motivates me and makes me believe that I can do great things. I wake up and love him every day. <3 <3 <3 

I want to feel that sea breeze

My Night Sisters came to see me, and we traversed cliffs, danced in the woods, had drinks by the ocean, and they helped me with a photo shoot for future paintings. The love is strong here. <3