Into The Wild


This month "Amma" the Mushroom Nymph found a spot in the Hive Gallery's "Into The Wild" visionary themed show. I made a last minute trip down to LA to see the show, as well as catch J.A.W. Cooper's solo show at La Luz De Jesus. Seeing her work in person was so inspiring, and down right educational. I've been loving these last minute travel plans; they don't leave room for worry or over thinking, just fun. Everytime I go to LA I try to soak up as much artwork as possible,  and I also inevitably eat like a crazy person. This time around I had a CRONUT for the first time ever (GAME CHANGER.), liquid nitrogen ice cream, fried avocado, and possibly the best quesadilla I've ever had. Which is saying a lot cause I lived in San Jose for a lot of years and they've got some damn good Mexican bites. 

So if you're an LA local go check out the Hive Gallery and eat a cronut while you browse some psychedelic art!