Last night I dreamed of dodecahedrons...

Emma Rose and I spent this last week making art and dancing around in cotton candy lighting. She came up to stay with me for a "workation", something we've been wanting to do for some months now, and it was dope as ffffff**k! I finished some big ol' oil paintings for a client and she got to work on one of the best blossoms I've seen her make. (Go check out her page as soon as possible. Seriously. Go.) We went plein air painting/embroidering, did some crystal shopping, and got some wine-drawings in. On the last night she modeled for some reference pictures for future paintings I have in mind, which was insanely fun. On the last morning we ate a cinnamon bun on a cliff, which is one of my favorite spots on this Earth, and now it is home to a favorite memory.

This is what it's about man. Making art with loved ones. 

A life lived for art is never a life wasted <3